City to Surf 12km

After the Albany City to Surf I was determined together the training right to have a good crack at the sub 60min 12km in Perth on August 27.

The passing of my Mother in Law put that on hold a bit as we were rightfully engaged in managing the process which “ends” on Tuesday with her funeral. There will be plenty of reflection between now and then and afterwards as well.

So I wasn’t really feeling like running during the past couple of weeks which shows in my running stats. But with 3 weeks left to the race I need to get my A into G and get back to the streets.

So yesterday we kicked that off with parkrun, a free, timed 5km run that starts at 8am each Saturday. That was a good start, completing the 5km in 26:50. Nowhere near my fastest but it was a nice run first thing in the morning.

After a great breakfast with the the FBH (Far Better Half, that’s her on the left in the photo) and the kids at Il Locale in North Perth, we ran some errands and did some chores around the house.

Because the City to Surf is hilly, I’ve decided, with just 3 weeks to go, my training runs need to include hills each and every time. There’s a good slow hill that has an incline for about 500m near me so that is the general course. It also include a couple of small inclines in addition so its a good 7km run.

The course is here:





The elevation is 26m in 440m so it’s not ultra steep but, for me, it’s long. Half way during the City to Surf is Underwood Street with is a 300m incline at around the same elevation. So, good practice.

I finished off pretty well too, with a good pace for the final km before the cool down which was about 800m walking.

I need to keep getting the kms into the legs so there’ll be another slow 5km today and some ore hills tomorrow.



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