Hi and welcome

This used to be a blog about leadership, management and learning. I reflected on the need for another management and leadership blog … I decided not to add to the conversation.

Instead, these are my own thoughts around my own health and well being.

Currently in my 54th year and working to get and remain fit and healthy I’ve begun to enjoy running and become a little bit OCD about stats. I enjoy it, though others may be bored to tears about it.

I live in Perth, Western Australia though I grew up in Albany, Western Australia. The image on the home page is the skyline of Perth from South Perth across the Swan River. It’s not a huge city but it is home and a great place to live.

Aiming to run my first marathon in April. I plan to attend the World Masters Games in Malaga, Spain in 2018 and still tossing up as to whether I take my chances in the New York Marathon Lottery for this year – edit: looks like Donald Trump solved this one for me. 🙁

Thanks for dropping by.

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