Coaching should …

This post is prompted by a tweet from Jane Bozarth that reads:

coaching should make sure the employee “wins” at the perf evaluation

To me this is the whole essence of coaching – to make sure the employee wins.

I thought at first the last four words, “at the perf evaluation”, might be superfluous but then thought, in life , we actually do want to win at what we try our hand at. Whether that be at work, a sport, a hobby, meditating or giving something up (e.g. smoking). We want to win and to win we need some form of measure that we are succeeding. Even if that measure is the nefarious “improving” or “gaining satisfaction” from participating in a task.

Therefore there is a performance review … of some kind … at various stages.

So while performance reviews in organisations are copping a bit of a battering, we do gain satisfaction from achieving, however we measure that. In the corporate world we should know without being told how we are performing.

But let’s get back to the topic: Coaching should…

This is the aim of coaching someone. To help them win at whatever they are focusing on. To achieve a prize, attain a goal, develop a new skill, get better at something they are already proficient in.

Imagine getting some coaching and going backwards, regressing! Or, perhaps worse, going nowhere!

I am coaching myself to run better, faster, longer. I read a lot, I watch videos, I head out to run a lot.

I am coaching myself to get faster and achieve more PBs (personal bests). I hope to achieve them, I may not. But the aim of coaching should be to make sure the individual wins!