That Number over on the Right

It’s getting smaller every day! Which makes sense as it is a countdown to the Bunbury Marathon.

The last post was about “The Long Run”. I’ve done a couple more since then and have to say early mornings are far better than after work or later in the day.

Last week’s long run ended up being 29km starting at 4:52am! With a 30 min break while I waited for a race to start that would allow me to complete the last hour. It wasn’t a race for me, just an hour’s run!

As this is my longest run to date it was quite enjoyable. To put it in context when I ran my first half marathon last year in Albany, I almost fell over the line at 21.1km. I was done! And I had the thought that if I was running a marathon, I’d have to do the 21.1km all over again! The next thought I had cannot be printed here! 😉

The prep for this run was so important.

I purchased a Camelbak 2l hydration unit as well as a Camelbak handheld bottle which I added Tailwind electrolyte supplement. I was a bit skeptical of the Tailwind as others had said there was no residue from the powder. There’s always residue! But, I was wrong, as I finished the bottle there was no sign of any undissolved Tailwind. Brilliant!

I also kicked off with 2 coffees and a banana! That go me, along with the Tailwind, through the first 2 hours. I had an Endura gel to prep for the last hour and probably could have had another, or another banana, sometime through the run. But overall I felt pretty good at the d of the run.

The Early Start

The 4:52am start was planned as it was forecast to be around 37C later in the day. I jumped on the parkrun facebook page to get some advice form the more experienced and the one common theme was: hydration.

So it was pretty dark when I started …

Hydration and sustenance. One cheeky bugger sent me this:

Did someone mention water?

All the red and blue markers are water stations or public toilets where water can be had! But it was a godsend really. Just knowing where water and toilets are removes a level of stress you don’t need.

2 hours later and slightly brighter …

The Next Run

The next thing to look forward to is a 3hr 20min run the following week.

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