The Beginning

June 3, 2018 – Albany, Western Australia. Elleker Half Marathon.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I wasn’t ready for this. I hadn’t really prepared at all. And you just don’t decide to run a half marathon! But I’d paid my fee and it gave me an excuse to see my 90 year old dad.

We arrived late. I didn’t have a great warm up. We headed off for the 21.1km. But even without proper preparation it was a good run on a beautiful winter’s day. No personal best but also nothing that indicated what was about to come.

In other news…

My wife, who never runs, came second in her event, winning fifty dollars! 🙄

It’s only heartburn!

I’d never taken Gaviscon before. Tastes okay.

With the recent chest pain, I ducked into the chemist to get some medication. The Pharmacist did ask some questions about the symptoms and suggested a call to my doctor. I waved it away as bad things don’t happen to me. I run, eat reasonably well. It’ll be fine!

I’d started to feel some chest pain during my training. First there was the early high heart rate. Now the chest pain. You’d think I’d put two and two together. Nope! Probably just heartburn.

To be fair, the pain subsided and I did finish off my run really well. I didn’t mention it to the other half.

I rarely make notes in Garmin Connect but I made one on that day: “Had to double up today cos I missed Friday. Onwards! :)”

I thought no more of it. It’s now June 23.