A few numbers going my way recently so wanted to share:

Weight: 79.7kg – the last time I was that weight I was going upwards! So it’s been a while. I have been at 79.9 a couple of times but to get this low, with the hope of going even lower is quite motivating.

In addition, this is on a low carb, healthy fat diet. So I’m eating things like cheese, bacon, eggs, good vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, the occasional Brussel sprout and fish like grilled and smoked salmon.

I’m certainly not suffering!

I still need to up my oily fish consumption and I have enough tins of sardines in the pantry to do this for a week.

Body fat % – In addition to the weight loss is the body fat composition down to 19.8%.

I guess this is reasonable to expect but it has also been achieved without the ability to fully exercise. But, as they say, you cannot outrun a bad diet so this proves, to some extent, that weight loss is diet based not exercise based.  I think when I start exercising again, my appetite will increase and weight gain will ensue to some degree.

HbA1c: 5.6% – this is based on the app MySugr which derives this figure from my input. So, there’s probably a bias there of entering lower numbers. The outcome will be proven with my next full blood test results. However, if this proves to be relatively accurate, it will mean my HbA1c has come down from 7.7 a year ago to this.

Time will tell.

We also went on a foodie tour in Subiaco yesterday with David Bryant and his better half, Leah. We visited all sorts of places that showed you can eat well and not pay a king’s ransom for the privilege. 

Perhaps one conclusion I can make, which may have been coincidental is that, with exercise, I can eat bread without a sugar spike. We visited Sorganics in Subiaco and we had a taster of their fruit loaf sourdough and walnut sourdough.

Normally, after a slice of bread my BG will hit the 9’s and 10’s even two hours later. Yesterday I only hit 5.6 and 5.8.

So, perhaps the bread and the 5-odd thousand steps we took in a short space of time helped manage the blood sugar levels.

The plan then,  if I do eat the good stuff, and I do like a good sourdough, I need to be able to “walk it off”. As long as I have that ability, while bread will never be a staple in my life, I know I can eat it as long as there is some exercise in there somewhere.

And I do need something to put my sardines on! 😉

Stats and Numbers Obsession

I admit there is a bit of an obsession with the numbers here but it is all in aid of developing a way of eating that energises me without adversely affecting key health aspects that can be shown through blood results.

#lchf #lowcarb #healthyfat

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