My background is in Human Resources and Learning & Development. I’ve set up, and lead, Human Resource functions in Engineering and IT.

Previous to that, I was the Manager of Leadership Development within the Finance industry.

I’ve worked as a Regional Sales Manager (7 locations, 120+ staff) for a state bank. During that time, I led and supported staff to set sales and customer service initiatives that set records that stood for several years. We also developed processes that allowed us to see the most qualified customers and provide solutions for those less ready for credit commitments.

What I do Now

I have always been about developing people. And systems to help people be effective and achieve incredible results!

It’s a simple but effective approach: Enabling and Eliminating!

Enabling is enabling people to build on their current skills in their current role and as well as planning for future roles.

Eliminating is helping individuals to see what is holding them back and taking steps to eliminate this actions, thoughts, habits and beliefs.

Working with leaders and teams, I help clients develop repeatable solutions.

The aim is to help the client find the solution and then be able to repeat the process.

I help develop communities of support. Being part of a community helps leaders connect with like-minded people to share challenges and wins which leads to improvement in leading and managing. Leadership is one of the most difficult roles to do really well, and knowing where to find support is critical.


I am aligned with the The Pacific Institute. A global consultancy, now with 50 years of expertise, The Pacific Institute delivers customised solutions that drive performance – within organisations and with the individuals who define them.

If you’re wondering about the name “James-Wallace” you can find a bit of the history here.