The purpose of this site is to discuss what works for me in the management of diabetes and high cholesterol – with life impacting conditions. Maybe it will help anyone else reading this.

I recently underwent heart surgery to fix three blockages in my arteries. The surgery went well and after 3 months of recovery I’m now back at work full time.

I wanted to write about my experience. I’d been doing my best to ward off the consequences of heart disease but, clearly I failed! 

Plus, I’ve always wanted to write. But committing to a post almost every day and trying to make something interesting is always a challenge.

So I’ve decided to compromise.

I’ll write but each post will be no more than 100 words (excluding the title for any other OCD-ers out there!). That way, even if my writing sucks and you read it, you’ll only lose a few seconds of your life! Sound fair?

I may also include what I’m now doing to manage these conditions and what seems to work for me. But it’s not meant to be prescriptive. This is simply what works for me! If it can work for you too, excellent! But I’m not suggesting anyone follow me exactly, except that you find what works for you.

A couple of interesting facts (well, interesting to me).

  1. The header image is of Trigg Beach in Western Australia on a glorious winter’s day – June 24 to be exact. It is also the day of the fateful 8km run where I experienced the chest and jaw pain and headaches that prompted me to call my GP the following day, which lead to the stress test, which led to the angiogram and, ultimately, the heart bypass. So, not just a random, pretty scene.