There is a purpose to this site and that is to define what works for me in the management of diabetes and high cholesterol – with life impacting conditions.

I’m generally healthy apart from those two factors. But I love a challenge so the aim is to get my blood sugars to below 5.5 mmol/L and my Total Cholesterol below 3.5 (below 2.0 if I can. That’s the stretch challenge.)

I’ll be tracking my Blood Sugars daily and the cholesterol is planning to be every six weeks, if I can get my GP to agree.

I’ll be sharing what I’m doing to affect these results in the hope they continue to go in the right direction. I’ll also highlight “cheat” days or simply days where things didn’t go according to plan. It won’t be a perfect journey.

I’ll also highlight areas of lifestyle that are not food related (e.g. meditation, reading, socialising and exercise) that may contribute to my health and wellbeing.

But this is not prescriptive. This is simply what works for me! If it can work for you too, excellent! But I’m not suggesting anyone follow me exactly, except that you find what works for you.

NOTE: I do have a preference for the Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) diet however I have been referred to a dietitian since my heart surgery due to the double trouble of diabetes and cholesterol. So the next couple of weeks is a bit of an experiment as prescribed by the dietitian. My aim is to prove (for me) if it works and what foods and lifestyle I need to adopt for it to work. My health is mine after all. So you may see a change in diet in the next couple for weeks (or not) but I will highlight this as it happens.

A couple of interesting facts (well, interesting to me).

  1. The header image is of Trigg Beach in Western Australia on a glorious winter’s day – June 24 to be exact. It is also the day of the fateful 8km run where I experienced the chest and jaw pain and headaches that prompted me to call my GP the following day, which lead to the stress test, which led to the angiogram and, ultimately, the heart bypass. So, not just a random, pretty scene.