The purpose of this site is to create conversations on high performance and help people work towards their potential.

I believe high performance is available and accessible to everyone who chooses that as their goal.

My background is in Learning & Development and Human Resources, working with high achievers, emerging leaders, managers and executives.

I’ve taken the time to test what I’ve learned out in the field. After being challenged by a manager to lead where it counts, out in the field, at the “pointy end” as he described it, I can say that the principles apply.

My leadership/consulting philosophy is simple:

“Help others be successful and I will be satisfied*.”


I continue to do that in my current role as a consultant and coach.

I have had a lot of fun developing unique development experiences, some small workshops and some residential programs for Executive retreats. It allows me to be creative while at the same time bring challenging situations to the learning that the participants need to experience in a safe environment to then take back to the workplace. (You wouldn’t want an airline pilot to practice landing in hurricane weather with you in the plane, would you?)

Being able to embed the practices we cover back in the workplace is critical. If it cannot, or will not, be practiced back at the workplace, I may not be the consultant you’re looking for. And that’s okay.

I have had the privilege of working with some super smart people who I have learned a lot from, and continue to learn from.

I want to be able to share that knowledge with a lot more people who may not have that opportunity. If we open up the discussion to everyone interested in high performance (and create an environment where more people are interested) individuals and organisations will grow, be more engaged and deliver better outcomes for themselves, their customers and their organisations.

About me:

My background is in Human Resources and Learning & Development. I’ve set up, and lead, Human Resource functions in Engineering and IT Consultancies. And previous to that, as Manager of Leadership Development for a national Finance organisation. I’ve also worked at the “sharp” end as a Regional Sales Manager for as state bank to “prove” the theory of HR and L&D could work in the “real world”. Fortunately, it could and I lead sales and customer service initiatives that set records that stood for years as well as developing systems and processes to see less customers and make more sales! (Not that we didn’t want to see customers!)

But, philosophically, I have always been about developing people.

It’s a simple but effective approach: Improving and Removing!

Improving is enabling people to build on their current skills in their current role and in planning for future roles. I have done this through coaching either vertically, in a particular skill set or, horizontally, where the skills are across a broad range of competencies.

Removing is helping individuals to see what is holding them back and taking steps to eliminate. This could be through beliefs and mindsets, possibly because they don’t “see” things as they are but as they believe them to be – which may not be correct!

Working with leaders and teams, I help clients develop repeatable solutions. This is through strategies such as efficacy, goal setting and developing clearer a purpose in what an individual or team does.

The aim is to help the client find the solution and then be able to repeat the process.

I am always learning from my clients. Many times the solutions are surprising, out of left field and can be simple to implement.

“People’s creativity never ceases to amaze me and it often makes you wonder what organisations are missing when they don’t really engage with their people.” – Bill James-Wallace

I also help leaders develop a community of support. The rate of change is not slowing anytime soon. Being part of a community can help leaders connect at a social level to help them relax into the process of leading. Leadership is one of the most difficult roles to do really well, and knowing where to find support is crucial.

I am aligned with the The Pacific Institute. A global consultancy, now with 50 years of expertise, The Pacific Institute delivers customised solutions that drive performance – whether within organisations or those individuals who define them.

If you’re wondering about the name “James-Wallace” you can find a bit of the history here.

*Yes, I do need to be paid, I cannot live on warm, fuzzy feelings alone!