OMG! I started a YouTube Channel!

Yes, it’s true, I have put my face out into the world for everyone to see. As you’ll see my mum was right, I have a face for radio!

I’m sharing my journey to encourage others to do the same if they are sitting on the fence.

If you are keen to have a look, the link is here:

4 thoughts on “OMG! I started a YouTube Channel!”

  1. Hey there Bill, what a great start! Also a wonderful way to leave a legacy like you said. If you ever need pointers, let me know as I’m happy to give tips to save you time. However the more you do, the easier it becomes. I’ve now subscribed!!!

    1. Hi Helen

      Thank you so much for being interested and subscribing. Just trying to improve each time. You and all your videos have been a big part in my finally taking the plunge. Only took me … how many years??? This should be fun!

      1. It will be fun. You’ll enjoy the process for sure. I’ll look out for them. I see you’ve turned off comments too. I assume your intention is not to get pulled into moderating or engaging with comments. That’s a good plan. I’ve turned mine to the setting where I need to moderate first before they’re public. Otherwise you just get spammed.

        Break a leg as they say in show business!

      2. Hey, I just realised my comments were set the same as yours (moderate first) so turned them on but might set them back. I also made it “safe for kids” which I thought just meant the topic but apparently that changes the search function so had to fix that. So much to learn but it is kinda fun. Also, I have this app called Just Press Record (you probably have it) It records your voice AND transcribes to text. So because I am not a good typist it’ll save me hours.

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