The Call

Red-phone-backup-supportI suppose it’s serious when your GP tells you that you can put his number on speed dial.

Something’s gone downhill.

This was that time. The chest pains were happening almost every run now. Always dissipating but nevertheless theyhad become regular. I did a 5k parkrun with my daughter and all was well until we hit 2 km. Talk about a pain in the … chest!

And so the call to the GP.

“Yeah, maybe get yourself to the ED. I’d call an ambulance.”

I took a taxi!

June 26. Morning.

It’s only heartburn!

I’d never taken Gaviscon before. Tastes okay.

I’d started to feel some chest pain during my training. First there was the early high heart rate. Now the chest pain. You’d think I’d put 2 + 2 together. Nope! It’s probably just heartburn.

To be fair, the pain subsided and I did finish off my run really well. I didn’t mention it to the FBH*.

I rarely make notes in Garmin Connect but I made one on that day: “Had to double up today cos I missed Friday. Onwards! :)”

I thought no more of it. It’s now June 23.

*FBH – Far Better Half

It’s Not Just Me …

I was at my daughter’s parkrun on Saturday in Yokine, Western Australia. Lovely place and a great location, albeit a tad freeeeezing on this particular day.

The FBH and I were doing our usual casual but brisk walk that turned into a bit of a light run from about half way. We eventually warmed up and enjoyed yet another parkrun which we tend to do every weekend. It’s always hard getting out of bed but it’s always well worth the effort.

As I handed in my token, a couple were sitting down after their run and one of them complained of having chest pains during the run. He also mentioned he was asthmatic  and this could have been the cause.

I normally mind my own business in these things, not out of lack of care but not having the whole story and I may be off the mark.

But this time I decided to have a chat and show him my arm wound just for impact.

“Have a guess how I got that?”, I asked. It certainly got his attention!

I was able to have a good discussion with him about my altercation with chest pains and what it led to. I certainly advised him I was no doctor and I wasn’t diagnosing his symptoms but I did suggest he get checked out. At least if there were no issues he’d have some peace of mind.

I’d hate to turn into someone who catastrophes every little niggle but in some cases where it’s life or death maybe a little bit of caution is helpful.