The $1 Experiment

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Many people would like to make money online.

Some do it as a full time gig and others for pocket money. I heard of one person develop a “BMW course” which helped them buy their first BMW! They were very upfront about it.

Still others do it simply to see if what they do is helpful to others. I’m in the third category.

This is a 12 month experiment to see if I can contribute to the lives of others.

It will commence formally on 1 January 2022. This is the “soft launch”.

I was listening to a Jay Shetty podcast recently (I cannot remember which one. I’m still sorting through them and will post here when I find it). (Also, listen to Jay, he is amazing!)

It started off with something like: “How do you become a billionaire?” with a response of “Help a billion people!” Sounds easy. But the sentiment stuck with me. “Help others.”

So I’m playing with that idea in mind.

I’d like to help as many people as I can. And that is entirely up to you! It’s a free market.

The experiment’s premise:

  • If I provide value to you (and only if I do) would you consider donating $1?
  • No more, no less.
  • In addition, if you consider the information valuable to you, would you refer the site to your friends?
  • That’s it.

If I receive your dollar, I know I’m delivering value. If I don’t, I need to up my game. It’s the ultimate feedback model.

Some guidelines (in your favour):

  • You do not have to donate at all. The information here is entirely free and will remain so. Hence why I call it a donation, not a cost or a fee.
  • You cannot donate more than $1. You get three choices: $1, $1 or $1! 😀
  • Check the $1 Experiment page here
  • You can only donate once, ever! I will be reviewing all donations every quarter and if I find you have donated more than once, I will refund the donations!
  • Due to the size of the donation, there will be no refunds. Sorry!

This is my experiment, these are my rules! 😉

The Hopeful Outcome

I hope to provide value that some of you may feel is worth something. If enough people feel it’s of value, that’d be awesome. If it is a resounding failure, well, it’s a supply and demand market. 🤷‍♂️

Occasionally I may post how the donations are going. That’s a personal choice I’ll make at the time. If I do post the results, the intent will be to encourage others to experiment.

Why might this work?

I have over 30 years of management and leadership experience that I’d like to share and help others benefit from. There have been highs and lows. Sleepless night and tears but also many “reach the summit” moments. This is my way of giving back. I have a program I am developing that will be available, also for the one time donation of $1. It will be updated as I learn new things and as I see areas of improvement, either from feedback or from my own realisations.

Many times the courses available are out of reach, price-wise. That’s fine for corporates but for those wanting to develop and don’t have that kind of cash, a lower “price” may be of help. That is my aim. Yes, you can read books watch YouTube and listen to podcasts.

The Starting Point

  • I have 126 people subscribed to this blog
  • I have 97 Twitter followers
  • I have 60 Facebook friends
  • I have 44 Instagram followers

The aim is not to grow those numbers. The aim is purely on output and helping these who arrive here. These numbers simply show the basis I am starting from.

Best regards