The Cast

The main players in the 100 word every other day drama/tragedy. (The tragic part is the writing style!)

Bill – Moi! Fit and healthy – until I wasn’t. 55 years old, married 34+ years, two kids, one grandchild and a greyhound. Doesn’t take life too seriously but maybe should take some of it a bit more seriously.

The FBH – Far Better Half – the long suffering spouse of Bill. While she has not had the surgery she has had to endure the emotional and mental rollercoaster of having her partner go through heart surgery. The fact that the life insurance was paid up seems to make little difference. Deserves a medal or sainthood.

The Daughter – married to Chris (see below) with the most precious daughter (Alex) herself. Couldn’t have turned out much better, especially considering her father. Will one day receive a medal or sainthood if she is half what her mother is.

The Boy! – Son of Bill. Not a bad offspring even if I am slightly biased. Very supportive during the whole process and always good to have around. Mowed the lawn while Bill couldn’t.

Chris – Son-in-Law and probably thinks “what the hell have I married into?” A great husband to the daughter and very helpful while Bill was convalescing. Patient, kind, considerate.

Django – greyhound of some placidity. Best friend to Bill while Bill was home alone recovering. Affection junky. Could easily have ears scratched 24/7.