Too Busy

You know those times when you say to someone, “I’d love to but I’m just too busy”?

Or, you’re looking at your daily or weekly schedule and thing “Far out I am just too busy this week (month, year!)”

Many times these are through actions we take on, or someone gives to us or responsibilities we have – take the kids to school, pick up supplies for work, open up the store, check email and respond, check staffing levels for the day, check with manager about daily operations and have a coffee – all by 9:00.

There are also the internal items we manage (or not) that contribute to our busyness. Using the above list it may be something like:

  • Prep the kids lunches the night before to ease the pain in the morning
  • Have the work supplies delivered to the store
  • Check email after the coffee
  • Have a weekly roster prepared that you check off rather than create
  • Confirm daily ops with boss rather than ask (asking creates open questions and discussion (time), confirming means generally closed questions and quicker)

Okay, there are probably so many variations to the above but my point is how much of being too busy is self created. That we could affect positively if we took the time (yes, I know, time is the problem) and give ourselves some time back and, probably more importantly, some peace of mind?

Sometimes the solution to being too busy is to say “no” … to ourselves. To learn better ways of doing things that may mean a big change to our schedule or work habits. Maybe it is investing in some tools or resources that allow us more time to do better work.

And it’s not about beating ourselves up about it. It’s allowing ourselves to do our best work – firstly internally and secondly by others.

There’ll be a bit (maybe a lot) of self disclosure here as I work though my challenges and what I’m doing to improve.

I hope you’ll join the conversation.