The New Diet

If you’re read the About page far enough down, you’ll know I had heart surgery a couple of years ago and, thanks to my Dad and genetics, I am predisposed to diabetes. So I’ve been on the Low Carb/Keto bandwagon for a while.

My GP has a view that full on diabetes is inevitable and that, while I should watch what I eat, prepare for the onset.

At our last catch up in December, my HbA1C was 7.0. “Time for medication”, he said. I asked for a 4 month reprieve and we planned to meet in April.

I decided after the Christmas season to take this a bit more seriously, so as of 27/12, I started tracking weight and blood sugars obsessively (read: every day).

Firstly, it’s not really a diet if it’s something you do all the time. It’s definitely not “Die” with a “T” at the end! It’s just how I eat now as compared to how I used to.

I’m trying to reduce a lot of friction in life and this fits within that goal. The less choices the better, as long as I like those choices.

I got the framework from Ted Naiman and his P:E Diet (not meant to be an advert, just the link, but feel free to look into it if you wish). Basically it seems my body cannot tolerate too many carbohydrates. It got to the point that it felt if I saw the word itself my blood sugars would start climbing. A great summary is here if you want to know more. It’s over 100 years old.

By following the P:E Diet, the numbers are going the right way (down!). So I’m getting some more tests done on 2 March and catch up with my GP later in the week. The interim tests are to ensure the bloodwork is, indeed, tracking the right way and, if not, to course correct. But if they are it’s full steam ahead!

As I said above it’s a pretty easy diet to follow.

Here’s the basic menu – note this is what I have compiled, this is not what Ted suggests and there are plenty more foods to have. This is just my simple list that I put together to get me started.

It’s quite simple and it is sorted based on the Protein:Fat ratio.

All figures were gained from Fat Secret. There may be better sources, these were simple to get and are working for the time being. I can also standardise quantities to 100g per item.

I base my meals during the day from this list and you can see on the right hand side some meal combo suggestions. Fortunately, I like most foods and have few, if any allergies, and I enjoy everything on the list. It makes it easy to prep meals and I can grab anything really and be content I’m not going to screw up my plans. It also means I know what to grab from a supermarket if I’m caught short on food.

I’ve also discovered a meal from Rolld that doesn’t mess with weight or sugars! (Just nice to know!)

Note: I have listed a beer in the spreadsheet (Duvel) and a Shiraz. Neither of which I have drunk in the last 8 weeks. In fact I have 3 x Weihenstephan Dunkel (Dark Beers) in the fridge which have remained untouched. (I’m quite proud of myself! 😉 )

Actually that’s not quite true, I did have a beer last Friday (much to my regret!) and a couple of weeks before. But these really are exceptions and will continue to be even more rare.

Beers and wines are out. Scotch, Cognac can remain but I may have one occasionally and that’s it.


In addition to the diet I am exercising daily. February was a 3km per day challenge. Three kilometres is not a long way, for sure. But I wanted a challenge that I had to meet, not get fatigued and make an excuse for not completing a day. I did miss one day but completed 129 km for Feb at an average of 4.6km per day (of which one of those daily kilometres was walking the dog, who stops every 50m to pee on something!)

For those keeping up and, maybe, thinking of starting something similar, the 3km ended up being a Zone 2 (Heart Rate Zone) which meant it was a brisk walk, not a run. So if you think you couldn’t run for 28 days straight, I didn’t! But your pace will pick up and your heart rate subsides as you get fitter.

March’s challenge will be much the same and add in some upper body exercises. Nothing special: push ups, pull ups, knee raises and some core work via the Apple Watch Fitness+ program.

I’ve also “coined” the hashtag #TWFM – This Works For Me! (at least I think I coined it) 😉

This is not intended as an evangelistic campaign to convert people. This is my plan to get me right. You Be You (#UBU) 🙂